TC Photo Critique Groups


TC Photo Critique Groups


Our critique groups, which meet monthly, provide an opportunity for photographers who seek to grow themselves and their photography by interacting with a small, focused group of artists and an expert facilitator.

Photographers at all levels are welcome. Groups are limited to eight participants.

We offer two- and three-hour evening meetings. The longer meetings are for advanced photographers seeking more intense engagement with the medium and their focused, long-term projects. The two-hour format is more conversational and suited to photographers in search of new insights into their image-making.

Dates and times will be arranged in advance of the first meeting.


The fee covers twelve crit group sessions over the course of a year and must be paid in full prior to the first meeting. Included in the fee is one complimentary, hour-long individual session with the facilitator (a $95 value).

2-HOUR SESSION: $425 SALE PRICE ends January 15, 2019 for groups beginning in February; $495 thereafter

3-HOUR SESSION: $645 SALE PRICE ends January 15, 2019 for groups beginning in February; $735 thereafter

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A year's worth of meetings allows a deep dive into your relationships with photography, yourself, and other visual artists. You will be challenged. You will challenge others. And you will learn from sustained discussion that critique, done right, builds up far more than it tears down.

You will be one of a group of no more twelve photographers who meet for a two-hour session each month with an expert facilitator. You will bring photographs to the first meeting and jump right into the process. After two or three sessions the group’s exchanges will begin to amplify and intensify; you will start to learn exponentially as you hear from and contribute to this unique interactive experience.