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Beth Dow: Prediction Error

  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts (map)

Throughout her career, Beth Dow has explored the dual nature of the photograph as both an image you see and an object you handle. For her exhibition, Prediction Error, Beth plays with our perception and expectations. Without signals (like flower stems, blue skies, or natural colors) which ground our understanding of the images, we might become uncomfortable. The absence of what we expect to see in a photograph creates a disconnection within our perception that can result in abrupt adjustments within ourselves—physically and mentally. We begin to question our vantage point within the image and, ultimately, the nature of the photograph all together.

Dow’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the Midwest, as well in New York, the United Kingdom, Japan and China. She has been the recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship (2008), a McKnight Foundation Fellowship (2004), and a Greater London Arts grant (1989).