Lens Culture Call for Entry


I’m using this post to offer a link to LensCulture’s 2016 Emerging Talent Call for Entries. I have considered posting such links on TC Photo’s calendar page, but I fear that doing so will create an endless stream of “opportunities” to enter contests, juried shows, grant and fellowship application processes, and various other ways that photographers can be persuaded to put themselves and their work on the line. 

I have been working with LensCulture as a reviewer, so I can vouch for the organization and with a clear conscience encourage photographers to participate, knowing that applicants receive a written review of their submission in exchange for the sharing of imagery, and the $60 entry fee. 

However, I can’t attest to the value of every opportunity, and I can’t afford the time to research and vet every one of them, let alone the time to assemble, collate, and format them for the calendar, then monitor them for currency (so often deadlines are extended). 

Consider this call from LensCulture to be my encouragement to younger photographers to look carefully at the myriad options available these days. Look extremely carefully at the small type in the rules, and be aware that you often give up rights—otherwise known as control of your images. 

Opportunities always involve rewards and risks. Your job is to decide where you find equilibrium along that continuum. Just remember, don’t jump at every gold ring that appears as your professional life carousel turns. Do your research, pick and choose. Because money is involved, they want you as much as you may want them.


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